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Business Solutions
HIPAA-compliant virtual healthcare platform.

On-Demand Healthcare

Healthcare costs are on the rise!

Escalating healthcare costs are threatening the viability of businesses, large and small. 24hr Virtual Doc offers corporate, institutional and health plan partners a solution to the rising costs of healthcare and the limited availability of primary care providers. Let us demonstrate the savings your organization can accrue through a 24hr Virtual Doc telehealth partnership!

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Save your employees’ time and expand their access to medical care.

Your employees are the greatest asset you have to your company. Protecting their health is critical in both their victories as well as yours. Telehealth improves access to care and saves your employees time – all while reducing your bottom line.

  • Reduce Costs
  • Reduce Absenteeism
  • Easily Implement

Benefit Consultants

Enhance your clients’ benefit plans using our telehealth solution.

Telehealth can round out your benefit plans.

Looking to introduce new services to your clients? 24hr Virtual Doc™ is here to help save your client’s time and money. By partnering together, we can mutually streamline or enhance an existing health plan.

  • Customizable
  • Availability
  • Eligibility


Implement 24hr Virtual Doc™ to treat hospitalized patients and reduce administrative costs.

Simplify patient treatment with telehealth.

Enhance patient satisfaction and provider productivity by treating patients virtually. Telemedicine can help reduce hospital re-admissions, lower treatment costs, and promote continuity of care.

  • Improve Patient Access
  • Expand Local Reach
  • Reduce Enterprise Healthcare Costs

Health Plans

Offer your members the care they deserve while generating revenue.

Deliver on-demand care to your members.

Manage increased national healthcare coverage by offering telemedical care. Differentiate your plan and compete on the exchanges with telehealth, a great alternative to ED and urgent care visits.

  • Improve Healthcare Accessibility
  • Save Money
  • Population Management


Partner with 24hr Virtual Doc™ and turn your telehealth visions into reality.

Working with you to provide connected care.

Are you trying to integrate a telehealth solution to gain more market share – or simply interested in complementing your current product offering? Whatever you’re tasked with, consider 24hr Virtual Doc™ as a partner.

  • Maximize Market Exposure with Telehealth
  • GAP Fulfillment for Health Organizations
  • Clinical Support for Product Distribution

The 24hr Virtual Doc platform connects patients and providers through a secure, HIPAA-compliant environment whether it be through video or phone. Consistently evolving our technology, 24hr Virtual Doc continues to deliver proper healthcare solutions to a variety of different organizations at a reasonable cost.