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24hr Virtual Doc™ is a service which provides access to a physician NOW – from home, school, office, or hotel - at any time!

Telehealth Solutions

24hr Virtual Doc™ offers solutions for responsible healthcare for individual and organizations.


24hr Virtual Doc™ gives you "peace of mind" through telephone or secured video access to licensed, board-certified physicians.

24hr Virtual Doc Telehealth

24/7 access to medical professionals by phone & computer.

Telehealth has virtually no limits. With 24hr Virtual Doc™, healthcare is literally available everywhere as your smart phone gives you a doctor's office in the palm of your hand.

TeleHealth delivers medical care and services through telephonic or secure video in addition to providing quality health care in a more efficient manner at a lower cost!

About Us

Better Healthcare

Up to 70% of doctor office visits can be effectively handled over phone OR video! It's simple, affordable, and effective. Get immediate access to a doctor with no waiting room, appointment, or need for travel.

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Our Platform

24hr Virtual Doc uses our own HIPPA-compliant platform to process prescriptions, consultations, and much more while ensuring your records are secure.

How It Works


The 24hr Virtual Doc™ solutions are at the forefront of healthcare and makes healthcare affordable, easily accessible, and begins to take control of healthcare costs. We offer these solutions to groups as a membership.


As a business, 24hr Virtual Doc™ provides “on the spot” and “around the clock” access to physicians – services are available to employees and their immediate family.


For schools of all types, sizes and locations the Proprietary Campus Clinic Program™ could serve as an extension of existing healthcare services.

Affinity Groups

A benefit which makes people feel better and gives peace of mind is priceless. Adding the 24hr Virtual Doc™ is a great strategy to keep existing members and bring in new members.