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Telehealth Solutions

Telehealth Solutions

Start seeing your patients online.

Partnering with 24hr Virtual Doc™ gives you the power to securely see, diagnose and treat patients online using our HIPAA-compliant web platform. Whether you operate a clinic or are an individual provider, choose among a variety of opportunities that will enhance your practice through telemedicine.

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Deliver medical care to remote patients and receive referrals to your hospital.

Individual Clinicians

Individual Clinicians Set your own schedule and experience the flexibility of treating 24hr Virtual Doc™ patients online.

Urgent Care Clinics

Increase your treatment radius and throughput by offering the convenience of online visits with your providers.

Primary Care Clinics

Conduct initial or follow-up visits with your patients and increase your income.


24hr Virtual Doc™ offers a variety of services, from Pediatrics to Mental Health. Ask how we can benefit your practice today!


24hr Virtual Doc™ gives indiviuals access to pharmacy locations.